1723 Main Street
“A Home for our History.”

Capital Campaign

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Since 2013 we have been extremly busy saving our building
to be our forever historical society home. We could not have completed the projects listed below with out your help.

Thank you.


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June 28, 2018
Currently, we are finishing up electrical work. That will be completed this summer. While that is being done the back rooms have been repaired and painted. Soon we will get back to the business of putting the ceiling back before moving on to finish up the main meeting room walls. We still need your support. If you would like to help us contine our renovations, please consider a donation. Thank you.


November 2017

Thank you to John Laws for donating the old light from the Laws and Laws building next door. And thank you to Richard Smith for finding new old stock for the shade. It now lights up our Meeting Hall. Looks great!


May 8, 2017
We Raised the Roof, Now the Ceiling’s Coming Down

Since 2013 we have been working to restore this great building to be our historical society home. We could not have completed the projects without your help. From the ground up, a new heater followed by repairs to foundation and sills. The siding was replaced with New Jersey white cedar where necessary. Then many of you generously donated a window in honor of a loved one. Volunteers painted the exterior with donated paint. This work is all crowned by a wonderful metal roof. Next is the interior of 1890’s meeting hall.

The unsightly ceilings above the first floor must come down. This will allow us to check that all is well between the floors and make the electrical wiring upgrade more efficient and less costly. We are hoping to save the old horse hair plaster walls. In order to accomplish our mission of education to school children and tourists, we must install an
ADA approved rest room. Plans have been made, estimates obtained, we are anxious to begin. We are so grateful for all the donations and volunteer work to date. If you can help in anyway with this next phase please let us know. pnhs@historicportnorris.org

1723 Main Street

The ceiling came down on the main level on Thursday, May 8, 2017.
The timbers are in very good shape. Just one spot near the
old chimney where the roof use to leak but it is a easy fix.Thank you to Todd Oliver & Sons Construction for a job well done. Next the Electric.

1723 Main Street

All contributions are always appreciated.
Thank you in advance.

Port Norris Historical Society

August - Sept 2015
We have just completed the sill and siding repairs, and foundation repairs.Thank you to The 1772 Foundation for the Matching Grant. Foundation and siding repairs 2015.
Thank you to all who made this possible. See List.

1723 Main Street


Painting the Building 2015
Thank you to all who made this possible. See List

1723 Main Street


1723 Main Street


We are "Raising the Roof” in Port Norris.

As many of you know, the roof on our historic building at 1723 Main Street in Port Norris has been in place since 1890. It is amazing that there is anything left of it. Obviously, it is badly in need of replacement. We are excited that, with a matching grant from the NJ 1772 Historic Trust, we have signed a contract with Babbitt Manufacturing to replace the old roof with a modern metal roof that looks like a period roof. This is scheduled to take place before the end of September. Thanks to everyone who worked so hard and to those who were very generous. This is a major step for the society. Stay tuned. We hope to share pictures of the progress. This is the roof now, so stay tuned...

October 1, 2014

1723 Main Street in Port Norris
Photo Ed Adams

Port Norris Historical Society

1723 Main Street in Port Norris

1723 Main Street in Port Norris

In November, 2012, we purchased the yellow building, 1723 Main Street, from John & Janice Laws. In 1890 the Jacob Shinn Post #6 of The Grand Army of the Republic erected the building constructed mostly by civil war veterans. The building has had many lives and it’s rich history is important to Port Norris. You can read more of the history, click here.

The community has been generous with donations toward the purchase of the building with enough to fund a few quick fixes; however, there is much to do before winter. We need to ensure that our building is secure, weather tight and not leaking. We need new a new roof and electrical work. These are big projects. We applied for and received a grant from South Jersey Industries for the purchase of a new energy efficient gas heater which will be installed as soon as practical. We also recieved a grant for lead paint removal from The 1772 Foundation. Our Memorial Window campaign has also been a success with all the windows on the lower level replaced. Thank you to everyone.

1723 Main Street
September 9, 2014
Photo: Rachel Cobb