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Please note that all donations are tax deductible and no donation is too small. If needed, you will be provided with our tax free number.

The goal of PNHS is to use our building for meetings, and eventually to establish a museum to showcase the memorabilia of the “golden age” of our unique village. We have already acquired donations of many things of historic value. We need your help to make this happen. We will be posting updates on our website and would love to share this journey with you.

You may send a check payable to the Port Norris Historical Society (PNHS) PO Box 187, Port Norris, NJ 08349 or you may use your credit card to DONATE NOW.

For questions please e-mail us at

Thank you in advance for all of your help and support.

The Officers and Trustees of PNHS

Capital Campaign
“A Home for our History.”
We need your help.
All donations are tax-deductible.

All donations go directly to the building renovations.
Every dollar matters.

See all that we have completed to date with your help.
And the NEW work underway now.
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If you have any questions or wish to donate please email us at:

THANK YOU for your donations.

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2017 Special Event Sponsors
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General Donations 2017

John Lee

Sharon Elder in honor of her father, Legend John Bradway.

Pat and Gordon Moore

Donna Bailey in memory of her mother's passing 14 years ago.
She was a very unique and wonderful person.

Donna Bailey in Honor of Family Members with August Birthdays.

Donna Bailey in memory of her Father on Father's Day
and memory of her parents 76th Wedding Anniversary on June 7.

Mary Linda Lacotte

Todd Oliver & Sons Construction

Ethalinda Blackman

Tom Hollinger

Carol Gromer

Liz Hoffman

Pat and Gordon Moore

John Lee

Thrivent Community at the
Lutheran Church of the Redeemer in Vineland


General Donations 2016

Ethalinda Blackman

Pat and Gordon Moore

In Memoriam of her father on his birthday.
Donna Bailey

In Memory of Jonathan M. Berry
Vicki O’Hara

In Memoriam of her brother Craig Bailey
Donna Bailey

In Honor of Eileen Bernhart's birthday
Lynn Robbins

John Lee

Thrivent Community at the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer in Vineland

In Memoriam of her father, Merle Bailey, for Father's Day
Donna Bailey

Rachel Mertz

In honor of her aunt Alvina Baum for her birthday
and in memory of her mother, Gertrude Bailey
Donna Bailey

Thank you to two anonymous donors for our
new window air conditioner

Thank you Alvina Baum for the archival framing
of our Thomas Hand Certificate

Seabrook Educational and Cultural Center



General Donations 2015

The American Ivy Society

In Memoriam of her brother Craig Bailey
Donna Bailey

In honor of family members
Donna Bailey

In honor of her teachers
Donna Bailey

Duncan Campbell  

Doctor Frank DeMaio

The Huntley Family

Dr. Jacqueline McBride 

Rev. and Mrs. James D. Peterson

David Smith

South Jersey Industries

2015 Buy a Gallon of Paint Campaign

Julie & Scott Abbott Ed Adams Alvina Baum Ethalinda Blackman
Ginny Campbell Bob & Liz Hoffman Thomas Hollinger Issertell Issertell
Gary & Evelinda Keen Mary Linda & Joe Lacotte Pat Smith Sam Ricci

Thrivent Community at the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer in Vineland

General Donations 2013-2014

Bivalve Packing Co.

Jane Christy

Danna Family

Harbor House

Fralinger Engineering

In Memoriam for our Aunt Elizabeth Robbins
The Mertz Family

Bill Morrison

Surfside Product

Ricci Brothers Sand Company

US Silica  

Thomas Zawalich

Port Norris

Steve Fleetwood Supervisor of Bilvale Packing Co. handing Ed Adams a check for $2000
for the Port Norris Historical Society Capital Fund.


New Roof 2013-2014

Grant from the 1772 Foundation in cooperation with the New Jersey Historic Trust

Gifts in Honor of Alvina Baum

Bivalve Packing Co.

Ethalinda Blackman

Sam Ricci

Our membership - everyone's hard work!

Port Norris Rotary Club

South Jersey Industries


Window Campaign 2013-2014

Affordable Lead Solutions his project has been accomplished with a Grant from the
1772 Foundation in cooperation with the New Jersey Historic Trust
Grant Letter of Agreement Contract #1772-1315

Windows Donated By

In Memory of Edward Adams, Sr.
Given by Edward Jr. and Kelli Adams

In Memory of Captain Amos I. and Martha Barnes • Captain of the “Elizabth W” in 1905
Donated by Children and Grandchildren • Rev. Ernest R. Barnes, Thelma Barnes-Weems, Delois Barnes,
Ernest Barnes II, Dr. Michael A. Barnes, Iris Rose Barnes, Ricardo S. Barnes, Anita Barnes-Edwards

Dedicated to the Memory of Our Grandfather Harry C. Barraclough 1889-1964
Given by his Grandchildren Joe, Harry, Barbara, Pat, Paula and Families

In Memory of Paulie Chamberlain
Given by The Port Norris Fire Company

In Memory of Paulie Chamberlain
Given by Friends of Paulie
Lousie Moore Senior Center • Webby Bateman • Barbara Bromell • Hedy Calhoun • Lydia Case •
Allan Collingwood • Darlene Collingwood • Irene Green • Erv & Joanne Hickman • John & Faye Hickman •
Larry & Debbie Hickman • Jom & Connie Jackson, Sr. • Mauricetown Gunning Club • Jeff & Claire Moore •
Phyllis McGregor • Edie Prokson • Ruth Sheppard • Carol Table • Cindy Tawes

In Memory of Our Mother and Father, Grandpop and Granny
Harry & Beulah Cobb

Gentilini Motors

In Memory of Nelson W. and Mary T. Laning
Given by Bob and Liz Hoffman

In Memory of Alvin, Ina, and Henry Nickelson, Gertrude Nickelson Bailey and Isabel Nickelson McDonald
Given by their Family Mary Ella Morie, Alvina Baum, Carol Garrison, Robin Baum and Julie Baum Abbott

Plowman’s Windows and Doors

Ricci Brothers Sand Company

In Memory of Peter & Margaret Tripley and Courtland & Jane Smith
Donated by Richard and Patricia Smith

In Memory of the O'Brien Family
Donated by Ray O'Brien and Family


Gas Heater and Installation 2013

Guy Chamberlain

South Jersey Industries







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