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Legends of Port Norris

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Gibson C. Andrews 1848-1906
Recognized as a Legend in History of Port Norris on April 13, 2024

Legends of Port Norris Gibson C. Andrews 1848-1906

Gibson C. Andrews, a brown haired, hazel eyed, 5’10 1⁄2”young man enlisted in
the Civil War at the age of nineteen in August of 1861. Living in Philadelphia
County at the time of his enlistment, he was a member of the 3rd Regiment,
Pennsylvania Calvary, Company K. Gibson Andrews was wounded in action,
and transferred to the Invalid Corp in November 1863. He was discharged in
August 1864.

Records indicate Gibson was a charter member of the Port Norris Chapter of
the G. A R. Jacob Shinn Post #6 Lodge.

He served as treasurer and as a member on the corporate Board of the Grand
Army of the Republic, known locally as the G.A. R.

In 1889, the G.A.R. bought a piece of ground on Main St, Port Norris from
Charles Lake. By 1890 the G.A.R. had erected a 20’ X 40” two story
building, constructed mostly by civil war veterans, including Gibson

(This is our historical society building, 1723 Main Street)

On the first floor of the building, Gibson Andrews operated a store,
selling dry goods, clothing, and notions.

In 1897, Gibson entered into politics, and served as the Clerk for
Commercial Township. In addition, he served on the County Board of
Freeholders, holding the position of Commissioner of Deeds in 1906.
Gibson Andrews was a waterman, working in the oyster business, being
Master of the sloop “Sally”.

A musician, Gibson played with the Gibson Marine Band.
On Monday morning, May 7, 1906, Gibson Andrews was out on his boat
when he was suddenly stricken with a heart attack. He was survived by
his wife Sarah.

Note: We do not have absolute proof this photo above is Gibson Andrews and his wife Sarah. It is our building, 1723 Main Street, and he did manage a store in it. The time frame of the photo is correct. It is our best judgement this is Gibson and Sarah Andrews.