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Legends of Port Norris

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Rebecca (Robbins) Lore
b.1909 - d. 2003

Rebecca Glenn Lore was born July 19, 1909 in Port Norris to Boyd Minor Robbins and Sarah Peterson Robbins. She graduated form Port Norris High School in 1927.

She attended the University of Pennsylvania and was the first woman to attend classes at the Wharton School of Business. She was a member of the Alpha Omricon Pi Sorority, where it was written, "Her only fault was that she had none."

After graduating, she began teaching at Bridgeton High School.

She married John Henry Lore on August 17, 1940. They had one child, John G. Lore.

In 1951, she began teachng at the Robbinstown School on the corner of Main and Lincoln Streets in Port Norris. She later served as Acting Principle of the Port Norris Elementary School on Brown and High Streets.

Rebecca was the pianist for the Port Norris Baptist Church. She also taught Sunday School and Bible Club. She was President of The Woman's Missionary Society.

She enjoyed reading, cooking, baking, and canning fruits and vegetables. After retirement, she took art classes and painted many seascapes. She loved reading to her three grandsons.

Rebecca Lore passed away January 4, 2003.

On November 21, 2010, she was recognized as a Legend of Port Norris by the Port Norris Historical Society.