2016 Legends Awards Dinner
Sunday, November 13, 2016

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2016 Legends Honored

The Legends of Port Norris Dinner was held at the Women's CLub in Millville, NJ. Catered by Run Away Chefs.


Legends in History
Samuel Shinn

20th Century
Willis Robbins, Jr • Joseph N. Fowler • Vera B. Sockwell

Living Legends
Barbara Adams • O’Connell Brown

Legends of Port Norris

Portr Norris Historical Society

Portr Norris Historical Society

2016 Awards and Dinner Photo Review

Portr Norris Historical Society
Family of 20th Century Legend Willis Robbins, Jr
Dick Smith, PNHS VP presents to Dr. Robert Cole, grandson of Willis Robbins, Jr.

Portr Norris Historical Society
Family of 20th Century Legend Willis Robbins, Jr

Portr Norris Historical Society
Family of 20th Century Legend Vera B. Sockwell
Ginny Campbell, PNHS Membership Chair presents to the family of Vera B. Sockwell

Portr Norris Historical Society
Alvina Baum, PNHS Secretary presents to Living Legend Barbara Adams,
surrounded by her family

Portr Norris Historical Society
Family of Living Legend O’Connell Brown

Thank you to everyone who attended. It was a lovely evening.
We were also honored with past legends in attentence:

Bill Horseman - Legend in 2009
Dave Robbins - Legend in 2013
Ed Horseman - Legend in 2014
John Hickman - Legend in 2016
Hannah Nichols - Legend in 2016

To learn more about an individual past legend click here.

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