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Harry Barraclough


Harry C. Barraclough
b.1889 - d.1964







Harry C. Barraclough was born on May 1, 1889, to Joseph H. and Lillie M. (Nichols) Barraclough. His grandfather, Joseph Barraclough, emmigrated from England, settling in Vineland, where he was preacher for the South Vineland Methodist Episcopal Church.

As for Harry, at the age of seven his family moved to Port Norris. He attended school until he turned twelve years old, when his father put him to work driving a grocery wagon. A studious child, Harry continued his studies at home. He began working at the printing trade, and at age fourteen, he took charge of a printing office.

At sixteen, he founded the weekly "The Port Norris Advertiser", a four-column, four-page weekly. His business expanded in 1912, with the construction of a new printing office located just south of Main and Pearl Streets, on the east side of the entrance of what is now a bike path just south of Dickey's Ditch.

His newspaper was a great supporter of local civic improvements. He organized the first Port Norris Chamber of Commerce, with his newspaper always pushing for social improvements in town.

On January 23, 1909, Harry married Emma C. Blizzard, daughter of Reuben and Lydia (Blizzard) Foster, of Newport, NJ. Harry and Emma had two children who died in infancy: J. Roy, born 5-7-11 and died 5-9-11, and Lydia R., born 1-10-14 and died 12-16-14. Emma was stricken with tuberculosis and died on February 15, 1915.

On December 4, 1915, Harry married Rachel Steelman, daughter of Maurice and Etta (Stoelman) Donnelly of Bivalve. With Rachel, Harry had two children, Joseph H., born 11-9-16, and Robert J., born 8-12-21.

In 1945, he co-founded the Port Norris Rotary Club with Isadore Goldblatt and Daniel Adams. He belonged to many local lodges: he was Councillor of the Port Norris Council No. 103 of the Junior Order of United American Mechanics (J.O.U.A.M.), he was Chief and Master of Records of the Cumberland Castle No. 65, the Knights of the Golden Eagle, and was also affiliated with the Idaho Tribe No. 51 Improved Order of Red Men.

He was also a member of the New Jersey Beekeeper's Association, having studied bees since he was nine years old. He also kept a flock of Single Red Comb Red Leghorns.

Harry was a Republican and was a member of the Port Norris Methodist Episcopal Church.

Harry Barraclough died in 1964.

He was recognized as a Legend of Port Norris on November 16, 2008.

Sources: "Dallas Ferry on the Wahatquenack"(1964) by Margaret Louise Mints, p.58.

Uncredited article, circa 1930.

Harry Barraclough


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