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John “Froggie” Dagastine
b. Dec 18, 1911 - d. Sept 29, 2001

Father: Pasquale Dagastine
Mother: Mary Dagastine
Siblings: Louis Dagastine, Leslie Dagastine, Samuel Dagastine, John Dagastine, Joseph Dagastine, Lena Dagastine

Portr Norris Historical Society

Mary Linda Lacotte, Robin Berry and Leslie Hanby PNHS awards dinner. 11-10-13

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July 28, 2014

Rachel Cobb This weekend I was freezing a lot of corn. 8 dozen ears to be exact. It gave me time to think about the days gone by when my Granny would can corn and many other veggies to feed the family in the cold winter days ahead. My Granny was Beulah Cobb. They didn’t have a lot of money and 6 kids. It was the kindness of the neighbors that would help see them through. My dad remembers when John “Froggie” Dagastine would ride his truck up to the house, dad says he would have the door open and a foot on the runner board of the truck and he would yell out, “Mrs. Cobb the corn is just right for eating, get what you need” And she would yell back I need about 200 ears. And he would be fine with that and off the kids went to pick corn. The corn was field corn so there is a short window of time you can eat it before it’s too hard. Dad says Froggie would do the same when the took in the other field crops like tomatoes and peppers, he would stop by and say you have a week before we cut the field. It’s one of the things I have been learning about the town, how everyone would help each other. Froggie was one of our Legends last year.

Carol Anderson Steketee Thank you so much for the lovely "Port Norris" story. I remember baskets and bags of vegetables appearing out of nowhere on our front or back steps. No note or identification was attached. My parents would wonder out loud, "Now, who could have left this?" Sometimes, they would guess and sometimes they just didn't know. It was a wonderful feeling to know someone cared that much. That's how I learned that love could look like a mess of lima beans.

Robin Berry Carol, its so funny to hear you say "a mess of lima beans", I use to hear my grandmother call them that all the time! Nothing like a good ole' mess of pole limas grown in the Port Norris soil.

Rachel Cobb I still use that term, guess it’s one of those south jersey terms a mess of.... love it.

Carol Anderson Steketee Well, if you know what it means, you are a genuine PN person.