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Warrington "Barney" Leslie Hollinger
b. June 2, 1928

Warrington Leslie Hollinger, better known as Barney to his friends, was born June 2, 1928 in Port Norris. He is the son of Leslie Thomas Hollinger and Clarrisa Hasher. He was named after his Grandfather, Warrington Hand Hollinger. With his birth, he would become the 6th generation of Hollinger’s residing in Port Norris spanning back over 220 years to 1793.

Warrington attended school in Port Norris and graduated from Millville High School in 1948. He attended business school in Philadelphia for two years.

Life in Port Norris was good and at age 10 he had his first “job” working in the packing room at his father’s business, Miller and Hollinger’s Oyster Company. At age 21, he would begin to take an oyster boat up the bay for spring planting. In 1953, he started, Newcomb and Hollinger’s Oyster Company with his Aunt, Mary Ann Newcomb. As the Oyster Industry declined, he sent two boats into the Atlantic to dredge clams. He would go on to spend over 60 years in the oyster business. In the mid 70s he worked at the Isotope Plant located at Gamma Drive in Port Norris, creating radioactive sources used in Industry and Hospitals throughout the country.

He met and married Margaret Rose Crowley in 1952. They raised 5 children, Warren, Thomas, Mary Ann, Gary and Robert and currently enjoy 7 Grand Children - Lynn, Gary Jr, Ashley, Barney Jr, Chris, Melissa and Brian. Also, 3 Great Grand Children – Alicia, Trevor and Wyatt.

He has served the Port Norris Community for 55 years holding the titles of Building Inspector for the township, volunteer fireman, Assistant Fire Chief, Fire Chief, Fire Commissioner and Office of Emergency Management. Four Hollinger’s have served as Fire Chief since 1907, his grandson Gary is currently serving as Deputy Chief.

Since retiring, he stays active with the Fire Company, helping to restore the old fire house located on Main Street and a 1936 Diamond T Fire Truck. The ultimate goal is to create a Fire Museum.

In conclusion, I would like to commend my father for his dedication to his wife of 61 years, his family and his community. Thank you for bestowing this honor on him today.

Thomas Hollinger 11-10-13


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PNHS awards dinner. 11-10-13

Left to right: Gary Lee Hollinger, Jr. son of my brother Gary, Robert Stephen Hollinger, Warren “Barney” Leslie Hollinger, Thomas Franklin Hollinger, Margaret Rose Crowley Hollinger, Warrington Leslie Hollinger, Mary Ann Hollinger Sheppard. Presenting the award is Robin Berry.