Legends of Port Norris

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The 2024 Legends are:

Living Legends
Sharon Porter
Sam Ricci, Sr.
Edith Selby

20th Century Legend                    
Leslie S. Godown, Sr.

Legend in History  
Gibson C. Andrews 1848-1906


Port Norris Historical Society
Criteria for Legends

Legends represent historical times, the past, and the present. Whether business owners, community leaders, or simply great citizens, they all represent what is unique about Port Norris.

To qualify as a nominee for a Port Norris Historical Society Legend, the individual:
1) Has had a positive impact on the community of Port Norris

2) Must have been a resident of the community for at least 25 years and/or established a significant connection to the community for 25 years.

3) Has a minimum period of three years between the nominee and that of additional members of the same family who were previously honored.
If an individual has been nominated but was not selected as a Legend, the nominee will be considered the following year. Should the nominee not be chosen the second year, the name will be archived and removed from the active nominee list. A renomination would be required after the second year.

All nominations for Legends will be presented at the regular monthly meeting of a predetermined date as set by the Legends Committee. At said meeting, nominations for that calendar year will be closed, no additional nominations will be accepted. Members present will vote to accept for consideration all Legends nominees presented at same meeting. Proxy voting will not be accepted.

Nomination forms of all accepted Legends Nominations will then be given to the Legends Committee Chairperson. The Legends Committee will review all nominees’ qualifications to determine the nominees who best meet the criteria to become a Legend and select the Legends for said current year. The newly chosen Legends’ names will be presented at the next regular monthly meeting, with no vote by members required. The number of Legends honored will be at the discretion of the Legends Committee.

All individuals who have been nominated as a Port Norris Historical Society Legend will be given equal consideration. The Port Norris Historical Society is not affiliated with any religious or political organization.Nominees will not be judged based on race, creed, or national origin.

Legend Awards

Those who are chosen as a legend will be honored at awards ceremony.
A close friend or family member if available will be asked to present a oral casual presentation of that legend. Legends will be presented a plaque. The ceremony will be recorded for everyone to enjoy.

In addition to continuing to preserve the history and keep it current for today the awards ceremony is our primary fund-raiser for the year. We appreciate all who can attend.

If you have someone from the past or living who meet the criteria of a Port Norris Legend, download the form and let us know.


Legends Nomination Form
Download PDF Here.



Mail to Port Norris Historical Society, PO Box 187, Port Norris, NJ 08349
or email to pnhs@historicportnorris.org

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