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Meet the Scarecrows

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Second Annual Scarecrow Event presented by the
Louise E. Moore Senior Center and the
Port Norris Historical Society

October 21, 2019

We hope everyone will have a good laugh and enjoy the 12 scarecrows decorating the light posts on Main Street. Thank you to Commercial Twp for permission to put them around town and to Clint for making that happen for us. Thank you Cindy Tawes, Director of the Senior Center who organized it with the township and the Port Norris Historical Society Members. Special thanks to the Township for putting them up and taking them down for us.

On October 21 from 10 -12, each team that made a scarecrow or two gave them each a name and who they are. So enjoy them all.


My Name is
Emily Lampshade

I worked as a telphone operator. The telphone company office was over Jimmy Cobb's store or the corner of High and Main. I loved talking and connecting people.


My Name is Big Dag

He returns for another year. He is ready for the Oyster and Ham dinner at the Fire Company. Wearing his good shirt.

Big Dag is a farmer from Port Norris, born of Italian immigrants. He was seen daily with his faithful companion dog, "Sonny Boy" going to the farm. He made daily visits with the gang at Dagastine's Service Station. Made in Memory of our Uncle Joe Dagastine.


My Name is Professor Know-it-all

I teach math and science at the Port Norris Middle School. I love kids and teaching. Go Panthers!


My Name is Nornan

I am back again always making sure you get your daily paper on time. Maybe a little treat this year as I come by your house. Wearing my trick or treat hat,


My Name is Riggin

Riggin Owns a thift shop. He likes to dress up in all the new cloths that come into the store and greets his customers in a new outfit each day!


My Name is Matilda

I was a waitress at the Palomino. It was the best job ever and I got to have as many bugers and shakes as i wanted when my day was done. I miss the Palomino!


My Name is Olive

I am just the clown around town. I love making people smile. Especially at the senior center.


My Name is Gordy

Gordy is Shop Keeper, a little bit of this and that. He is always friendly when you catch him walking by.


My Name is Lazy Jane

Jane is just lazy, always in her PJ's and always in her lazy easy chair watching Dancing with the Stars. She only comes out to hang around town for harvest and Halloween time. Wave to her while you can.


My Name is Nancy

Lady of the town... She is a friendly and loves to flirt! She loves a fine meal and a little dancing.


My Name is
Claudia Senior

Claudia Senior is a special guest of the senior center. She is a great guest and always willing to lend a hand.


My Name is Glory

Always styling in her Gloria Vanderbilt. You can see her show off her new outfit in front of Newcombs Market.