Port Norris Historical Society
Seed Swap 2023

See what our 2020 Seed Swap was like
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Rachel Cobb shared highlights of the Seed Swap held on January 28, 2023, from 10:30 am – 12:30 pm. Approximately 50 people attended the event, including two professional seed savers. One of the men saves/develops heirloom tomato seeds, with special interest in aa tomato grown in Mauricetown and the Garden State Tomato from Rutgers. The other seed saver buys seed worldwide, including seeds of a Turkish yellow watermelon outside hull appearing to be a carved deign. Rachel would like to invite them to be participate next year. A special thank you to both Virginia Campbell and Faye Hickman for assisting throughout the day.

seed swap

What is a Seed Swap? It is a gathering of people, usually gardeners, who have come together to share seeds. The seeds can include locally saved seeds, excess bought seeds, seeds brought back from other regions, or donated seeds. Normally, seeds are spread on tables and people choose what they want. The goal is to bring people together to share seeds. We are working on organizing the swap, with the goal of bringing folks together and sharing in something they love and enjoy.

We want to encourage everyone to bring seeds that day to share and, of course, to take home something new to try. But, if you do not have seeds to bring, you are still invited to come and get seeds. You can share seeds next year.

Because Coivd and the Flu are still around, Please consider wearing a mask. If the building has too many people at one time we may need to take turns.

Come on out, join in the fun, and see the progress we have made on our building. This will be a rewarding event. We hope to see you there. For questions or more information, please email pnhs@historicportnorris.org