Then and Now

Do you know the town's history? Here are a few, more to be added.
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Laws and Laws
A view down Main Street looking from Market Street circ?

Wish I Had Known

Wish I had known the town of Port Norris in it’s salt hay days.
To have been a photographer then, with the schooners coming
and going, what a sight that would have been. The small town
hustle and bustle with horses then trolley cars bringing folks into
town. I can only imagine those scenes from the photos of the
days gone by. Wish I had known it then...


Laws and Laws
A view down Main Street looking from Market Street
April 2015

Now What I Know
... Now I see a town with such a strong heart and folks working
together to help Port Norris, find it’s new self. A small town
with a new hustle and bustle and the mashes renewed, a
photographers dream. A view of the A.J. Meerwald when it is
docked and some business as usual with the watermen doing
what they have known.

I am enjoying getting to know Port Norris now. – Rachel Cobb



Laws and Laws
1723 Main Street Built in 1890

Photo taken in 1970's while Sam and Marie Cobb had the
store in the building

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Building History Shinn Post

PNHS Legends
Samuel Cobb
Marie Cobb



Laws and Laws
Photo: Fall 2015
1723 Main Street The Home of the Port Norris Historical Society

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About the Historical Society
Capital Campaign



Laws & Hendersons

Laws & Hendersons
Man on left is Edward O. Laws.
Man on far right is Oscar Henderson.
Laws & Henderson was established in 1926. They started a fuel
business in the 1940’s. Mechanic work and a huge car washing
business was offered to the local residents.



Laws and Laws

Laws & Laws Photo by Rachel Cobb 2012

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PNHS Legend John Laws

Laws & Laws Inc.
Laws & Laws Inc., John E. Laws standing by his “toys”, a
1950 Chevy (Charles Bennett/previous owner) and a 1938
Fire Truck (Dividing Creek’s original truck). John retired in
2005 and is now storing these in the garage.

John was recognized as a Legend of Port Norris by the
PNHS in 2012.

Thank you to John Laws for this information.